How Boys Experience Stress, and What You Can Do

Recently one of my sons experienced some pretty serious anxiety issues. When I mentioned it to a family friend, she replied, “What does he have to be stressed about? He’s just a kid.” Not only was my friend’s response unsympathetic and tone deaf, but factually, wrong. Adolescent stress and anxiety is a significant health and […]

Practicing Mindfulness for Happier, Healthier Boys

Adolescence can be challenging. Adolescence in 2021 can be particularly challenging. Practicing mindfulness can help. Mindfulness is described as purposeful, nonjudgmental awareness, acceptance, and being fully present. Practicing mindfulness teaches you to live in the moment, right here, right now, and to have more control over your thoughts and feelings. A growing body of evidence […]

COVID-19 and Social Isolation, According to Science

It’s been nearly a year since COVID-19 hit the US. For boys that means nearly a year of mandatory social isolation, online schooling, less physical exercise and outside activity, and over-reliance on technology. Sports are canceled, parties a thing of the past, and “hanging out” relegated to members of the immediate family. Significant events such […]