The Maverick Path

Why choose Long Term Residential Treatment at The Forge School?

It has become clear that teen boys cannot thrive in common culture dominated by technology, neurotoxic food, disconnection, and an often sedentary lifestyle. Ensuring the safety of your son, while working through thousands of reps of commitment, acceptance, security, and attunement is the goal of our Maverick program. After a year at The Forge School, we aim to transition young men into their familial homes in the community with a complete sense of self, emotional and psychological regulation, and secure attachment to caregivers. Our program uses the healing power of the outdoors to create room for your son to reconnect with his body and emotions, while fueling him with nutrition that reduces inflammation and helps his brain integrate the therapeutic work he will do. Daily functional fitness and adventure therapy engage the hands on, tactile nature of your son so that he internalizes training which builds confidence and self-esteem. Long-term individual and family therapy in an environment designed to support the adolescent male will allow you and your son to experience connection and empathy in a transformative way.


The Forge School Maverick Path will offer your son opportunities for mentorship with strong male role models, meaningful rites of passage, and mastery of technical skills in high adventure environments. These three elements are essential for boys’ progression to manhood. During his 12-month stay at The Forge School, your son will complete rigorous academics, comprehensive therapy, and high adventure expeditions. Through the utilization of the CASA model, we aim to heal the core wound driving unhealthy behavior.

Maverick Path

Private pay with complimentary billing

Room with other Maverick students

2 hours of group therapy weekly

3 total hours of individual and family therapy

Credit recovery and individualized academic plan

Daily Functional Fitness

High Adventure Mastery and Mission

Focus on reintegration into the family system