Nutritional Health

Your Son’s Nutritional Health Is Important to Us Here at Embark at The Forge.


“Food creates functioning” and nutritious vitamin dense whole foods produce optimal health for your son’s developing body, mind, and ability to regulate his mood. An increasing number of scientific studies show a direct link between the foods we consume and our mental and physical health (i.e. Bulsiewics, 2020; Naidoo, 2020). The research is clear, healthy functioning and development require nutritionally rich foods that are low in processed sugar. Your teen boy’s brains and bodies are still developing and maturing, so healthy nutrition is critical during this time in your family’s life and we at Embark at The Forge are committed to the Health and Nutrition of our students.


Effects of Poor Nutrition

Processed foods and processed sugar are addictive and a primary cause of overwhelming stress, anxiety, depression, and dysfunction. Unfortunately, a typical western diet consists of large quantities of process, fried, and sugary foods. There are over 200 different labels for processed sugars in the foods we consume, and the detrimental effects are devastating to our physical, emotional, psychological, and relational development and health. Adolescents are especially vulnerable to nutritionally poor foods and sugar consumption which adversely affect brain health and energy levels. A nutritionally poor diet filled with processed, high sugar foods has been linked to inflammation, poor gut health, obesity, depression, anxiety, memory loss and a decrease in cognitive ability (Naidoo, 2020).


As part of the nutritional program of Embark at The Forge, we will be sourcing as much local fresh and nutrient-dense foods as possible. We will keep added sugar and processed foods to a bare minimum and maintain an exciting and ever-changing range of menu items to reflect multi-national cultures. Our students will learn that through healthy eating, their minds will be clearer, their aches and pains will lessen, they will sleep better, and their brain fog will lift. As time progresses on the path to better health, they will begin to understand the impact of clean eating and how it has enabled them to attack the day with energy and vitality.