Mindfulness is Crucial to Our Facility’s Practices


At Embark at The Forge, we are not only preparing our students for the road ahead cognitively, physically and emotionally we are also taking into consideration their overall sense of being. Relaxation skills for decompression are essential for teens to self-regulate. Learning and understanding how to be in the moment and how to be aware of their own thoughts and breath is powerful and necessary work for transformation and something we take seriously.


We Intentionally Connect
Through Mindfulness

Moments of teaching mindfulness are intentionally woven throughout the student’s week in a variety of ways in many different settings. Students might take a 5-minute meditation by the river to decompress after a rigorous day of rafting or learn breath control techniques after their bedtime routine in order to gain a better night’s sleep. In addition, age-appropriate yoga stretches and breathwork will be offered on occasion to further heighten the awareness of proprioception and the body in space.

Mindfulness is a Lifelong Skill

Mindfulness can be taught during mealtimes as a process to bring attention to the nutritious food they will be eating or perhaps the speed in which they are eating, always without judgment. Throughout our campus there is an abundance of nature and beauty to consume offering the perfect platform for a mindful sensory experience for our students. As our students begin to co-regulate as a team, they are also learning how to regulate their own emotions which, in turn, has lasting outcomes for the team and the milieu experience.


This is the intersection of where each student’s mind-body work will begin to have the potential for lasting results.