The Therapeutic Environment of the Milieu


Milieu refers to the therapeutic environment and setting in which students spend most of their time. The milieu is considered the most significant part of their experience in practicing and reinforcing the change process. The advantage of residential care is our ability to interact in a safe and strategically controlled environment.  Embark at The Forge provides a consistent and reliable structure in order to control the variables which are impossible to control in a traditional “Home” environment.

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Life Inside the Milieu

All waking and even sleeping hours are controlled and largely predictable. Music, friends, dress, and language can be managed and leveraged to create change. We create an atmosphere, that we call the “milieu,” which is largely devoid of negative influence. Simply put, we take away as much of the negativity as we can allowing us to create relationships that are profoundly meaningful and that can, absent of so many of the teenage distractions, create a desire for internal change. Any dysregulation will be viewed with curiosity, as an “opportunity” presented, to continue developing and fostering the co-regulation experience. This process becomes a profound pathway to ever-increasing self-awareness, acceptance, and self-worth, leading to the ability to self-regulate.

Removing Negative Stimuli Fosters Positive Change

The Milieu will have a focused growth mindset that brings full circle the amazing and unique aspects of Embark at The Forge. It is an atmosphere where positive relational, life and coping skills are blended and reinforced. Age-appropriate play will be an integral part of tying it all together. Virtually all residential treatment centers provide formal therapy. The differentiating factors are often found within the uniqueness of the therapeutic environments. Our milieu is what distinguishes us from all other approaches. The use of our guiding model of treatment, recreation therapy, child-focused academics, the student community, combined with our amazing staff, comes together to form the essence of the home.