Educating the Male Brain


Many young men feel out of place in school as traditional education models do not often serve the male-specific brain. Learning disorders, anxiety, ADHD, and other mental illnesses can also hinder academic accomplishments. Many teenagers also feel disconnected from their teachers due to a general focus on behavior rather than the emotion driving the behavior. Whatever the cause of poor performance, Embark at The Forge employs an individualized approach to help young men understand how they learn, empower their executive functioning skills, and find the joy in lifelong learning. The foundation of this being strong, healthy relationships with the teachers based in our CASA model.

We Maintain Small Classroom Sizes

Classroom size is crucial in our program. We offer differentiated learning and individual instruction in classes of three to 10, enabling us to develop strategies specific to how your student learns.

Our Students Learn to Love Learning

Embark at The Forge is proud to be Cognia accredited. With Cognia’s standards-based protocols and holistic approach to accreditation and certification, we have confidence our students will be empowered to succeed in their studies the moment they step onto campus. We offer a range of core subjects, such as Math and English, along with many electives. Our primary goal, however, is helping students regulate the frustration and impatience they feel when sitting still for too long and studying areas that challenge them. From performing coursework outside, allowing for brain breaks, and encouraging movement, we personalize our teaching methods to reach your son because we know there is not just one approach to education. We hope to not only teach them English, Math, and organizational skills but also give them a roadmap for future success and a zest for learning.


"If we want boys to succeed, we need to bring them back to education by making education relevant to them."

-Dr. Michael Gurian