Embark at The Forge Is a Specialized Residential Treatment Center for Teen Boys Ages 12-17


We understand this time can be extraordinarily difficult and we are here to help you in every way through this process with empathy and patience.  Upon admission to our program, our staff will take the time to walk you through a day in the life for your son, and will provide comprehensive information about our clinical model, instructors, academics, nutritional health, the milieu and adventure programming.


We will answer any questions you may have and provide the assistance required to help you and your family get exactly what you need. Our admissions process is conducted by staff trained to conduct initial assessments. You are in great hands.

Quick Facts

Insurance reimbursed

10 hours of group therapy weekly

1 hr individual/ 1 hr family therapy weekly

Academic assessment and credit recovery

Daily Functional Fitness and Yoga

Adventure Therapy activities weekly

Psychiatric Medication Management


Your Campus

Parents and legal guardians are integral members of our treatment plan here at Embark at The Forge and your involvement is vital. Once enrolled, collaboration and communication is a constant flow of information between all parties involved.


We encourage at least one if not both parents to start their involvement early by touring our campus as part of the admissions process. This will allow an opportunity to meet our leadership team, view the campus and facility and gather a feel for a day in the life of your loved one.


In short-term residential treatment at Embark at The Forge, pre-teen and teen boys will live at our beautiful residential treatment center in Tennessee and participate in a schedule of activities centered around treating mental health conditions and healing. The benefit of short-term care at Embark at The Forge is that it is more affordable than long-term care, the shorter care we provide makes it easier for adolescents to jump back into life at home, and it is frequently reimbursed by insurance.

The main differences between short-term care at Embark at The Forge and inpatient treatment are the treatment environments and lengths of care. Our beautiful location in Benton provides pre-teens and teens with a home-like environment and a schedule that mirrors home life but has more therapy mixed in throughout the day. Inpatient treatment usually takes place in a hospital environment. Embark at The Forge also provides a longer treatment time in comparison to inpatient treatment, which can last around 60 days on average.

The length of treatment differs for each pre-teen and teen, but on average our treatment periods can last up to 90-days. 

People from all over the United States come to our residential treatment facility in Tennessee due to the intensive 24-hour care it can provide for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse issues. For pre-teens and teen boys who have educational needs, safety issues, lack of support at home, need intensive treatment after inpatient care, or needed a more in-depth treatment option after outpatient treatment, treatment at Embark at The Forge can be a good option.

Our program is necessary when your pre-teen or teen’s mental health needs are too great for outpatient care, or when they are stepping down in treatment intensity, for example from an inpatient hospitalization program. Short-term residential treatment can also be a good option if someone feels unsafe at home, or for those who are trying to break out of a negative daily routine.

Upon being scheduled for admission to Embark at The Forge, the team will provide you with a packing list.  This will include a variety of clothing appropriate for the Tennessee weather, such as activewear, pajamas, a variety of footwear (tennis shoes, crocs, trail runners), jackets, rain jackets, sweaters, and everyday clothing. Other items you can bring to Embark at The Forge include weighted blankets, comforters, and non-smart sports watches.

Acceptance Process

We welcome you to call 833-342-2036 or email us at for personal assistance.

The application process requires gathering information so that we are able to assess your child’s needs.

Is Your Son Right for Embark at The Forge?

Embark at The Forge serves 12-17-year-old young men impacted by developmental trauma, adoption, divorce or other family conflicts.  Embark at The Forge works with these boys and their family system to utilize an immersive program to engage their boundless energy with sophisticated clinical work focused on facilitating the journey towards a balanced life.


Behaviors you may see from a student who would thrive in Embark at The Forge are:

Behavioral Presentation

Low self-esteem




Poor hygiene

Addictive behaviors

School refusal

Academic decline


Suicidal Ideation

Oppositional behaviors

Poor impulse control

Common Diagnoses

Trauma/ Stressor Related Disorders


General Anxiety Disorder

Depressive Disorders

Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD)

Embark at The Forge works with these young men and their family system to discover the sources of dysregulation, develop healthy relationships, and create experiences of personal growth and co-regulation. Ultimately this journey leads to an improved sense of self, expanded use of positive coping skills, improved family functioning and increased physical and emotional safety.