Why Choose the Forge

Premier, Short-Term, Residential Treatment for Teen Boys

The need for sophisticated mental health treatment is disproportionate to the access for many families, Embark at The Forge is working with insurance companies to provide 30-90 days of residential treatment and assessment measures such as substance abuse screening, psychological evaluation, family systems assessment, and a psychiatric medication review that will be handed off to your local providers for continued attuned treatment.  With a foundation in the CASA model and utilizing a family-systems approach, we will work alongside your family to clearly identify the roots of what is driving his unhealthy behavior.


Embark at The Forge was created as a response to the scarcity of specialized treatment centers for teen boys. It has become clear that teen boys cannot thrive in today's environment that is dominated by technology, neurotoxic food, and an often sedentary lifestyle.  Ensuring the short-term safety of your son, while gaining traction for his long-term health, is the goal of our program.  We use the healing power of the outdoors to create room for your son to reconnect with his body and emotions while fueling him with nutrition that reduces inflammation and helps his brain integrate the therapeutic work he will do.


An Opportunity for Education

As a Cognia accredited school, the team of Embark at The Forge works with Mountain Point Academy to meet your son where he is academically and help him to grow.

Your child can expect to be in the classroom for around 1.5 hours per weekday.  During this time, we work with Mountain Point Academy to offer a range of core subjects, such as Math and English, along with many electives.  Our primary goal, however, is to help students regulate the frustration and impatience they feel when sitting still for too long and studying areas that challenge them.

Learn more about Mountain Point Academy:


Food for Fuel

Your son's nutritional health is important to us here at Embark at The Forge. “Food creates functioning” and nutritious vitamin dense whole foods produce optimal health for your son’s developing body, mind, and ability to regulate his mood. Increasing numbers of scientific studies show a direct link between the foods we consume and our mental and physical health (i.e. Naidoo, 2020).


As part of the nutritional program of Embark at The Forge, we will be sourcing produce from our on-site organic garden and utilizing as much local fresh and nutrient-dense foods as possible. We will keep added sugar and processed foods to a bare minimum and maintain an exciting and ever-changing range of menu items to reflect multi-national cultures. Our students will learn that through healthy eating, their minds will be clearer, their aches and pains will lessen, they will sleep better, and their brain fog will lift. As time progresses on the path to better health, they will begin to understand the impact of clean eating and how it has enabled them to attack the day with energy and vitality.